Canning Tuna

Canning Tuna

Canning Tuna :

Canning tuna is a process to make perfect quality product from the fresh fish that the meat will preserved in a can . Canning Tuna .


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In this way you are going to give the product a longer time to preserve and also good taste by adding spices .

The production goal of canning tuna is to be sure that the meat is safe and be able to consumed properly .

There are a few steps to produce canned tuna :

Tuna fish is one of the popular fishes with different size and species , such as Yellowfin , Bluefin , Skipjack ,…

After catching the fish its going to immediately frozen in boat to keep the fish fresh till to process line .

After that the fishes are going to stored according to their species , size ,condition , date of cought and date of delivered to the factory .

Then it will put in a cold store until the time that is ready for process to prevent being rotten .

For the process tuna fish needs to be thawed before being used then its going to gutted and cut into sections .

Now it is ready to steamed and cooked and after that it’s ready to be canned by adding liquids like water , olive oil , sunflower oil , etc .and of course other preservations and spices .

Now it’s time to put canes in sterilization chambers to kill the bacteria that might harm the product after that the cans are going to be colled for packing . the cans are going to labeled and packed and now they are ready to be delivered all around the world .

Normally in this way you can keep the product sometimes around 2 or 3 years .

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