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Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian sea


Today beneficiation of aqua products is certain for the people of the world, in case of the healthy protein include this meat and the low amount of pollutions that affect the environment, the place we live and raise our family.

This company is a leading producer and exporter of aqua culture products specially Caviar and sturgeon fish. Caviar as everybody knows is famous with the name of Iran and we are proud of to preserve the unique taste and flavor of this individual and unique tressure with stable production. It is about 25 years that we are involved with aqua industry and have farms from the south coast beside the Persian Gulf to the north near Caspian Sea.

Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian seaWe are proud of supplying a kind of food that beside its healthy beneficiations for human kind it has minimum side effects to the place that we live for many years and this goal is obtained with working hard and our commitment to the protocols and instructions of producing good quality and healthy food.


You can have your demand between our products list and be sure that it comes straight from our farms that have all the certificates from the beginning to the end till is packed and ready to export all around the world.

Our packing plants that have corporation with us have all the necessary certificates such as EC code and IR, and capable us to send our goods with good quality anywhere.

Our Caviar and Sturgeon meat farm is in Mazandaran beside the Caspian Sea, Shrimps farm is in Abadan beside Persian Gulf, Trout and Salmon trout are farmed with the fresh water of melting the snows in Alborz mountain.



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