Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian sea


Our farm for producing sturgeon fish and caviar is in Iran, Mazandaran, beside the Caspian Sea, approximately we are raising different breeds of sturgeon and not focus only in one or two breeds in order to have the ability of produce different kind of caviars that is native in Caspian Sea.

There is different source of water that ensure the amount of fresh water necessary to raise the sturgeon fishes healthy and produce good quality caviar and meat in this farm.

We equipped the farm with a new technology to maintain the quality of water as every body knows water is the most important part of producing caviar.

The diet of fishes is both natural food and dry food both with perfect quality, and from the beginning of producing caviar and meat we see the difference of our products to others.We never used any medicine or chemical materials and the most important reason help us to reach this goal is that we always try to keep the water in its best condition and use good quality food of course.

There are two other farms for shrimp and trout, shrimp farm is in Abadan beside Persian Gulf and trout is of course in the north in Mazandaran close to the sturgeon farm in the Alborz mountains.

caviar farm caviar farm