Classic Beluga Caviar


Classic Beluga Caviar

Generally Beluga caviar is the most expensive caviar than Sevruga and Osetra. Although all different types of Caspian Sea caviar have different taste but the basis of the price of caviar depends on the color, size of the eggs and due to its long procedure time. Classic Beluga Caviar

clastic beluga caviar

Sevruga Caviar for export – iranian caspian sea caviar

Different classification of Beluga Caviars

Mainly Beluga caviar has larger eggs and a beautiful grey color, so it is more popular than the other types of caviar. But among beluga caviar classification the Classic Beluga Caviar, has a darker color than the imperial or royal beluga caviar and the eggs are smaller. But no matter which classification of beluga caviar is done, it is still known as the King of Caviar.

How to serve Caviar

The serving of caviar is a factor which increases the specific taste of it. Serve it cold with a non-metallic spoon with any beverage you desire. Caviar could be used as an appetizer or as a garniture on your main dish to give a luxurious touch to your dish.

Caviar is served in small amount as an appetizer on raw chopped onion, sour cream, bread and butter, chives or boiled egg. The traditional way to serve caviar is a small piece of caviar on blinis, but ultimately the best way of consuming caviar is what suits your taste.

Pay attention when you spread caviar on a cracker, blinis or whatever your heart desires, not to break the eggs, although true caviar gourmets believe that the best way to eat caviar is adding nothing to it and enjoying the pure taste of caviar without anything else.

Some notifications about caviar

To fulfil the whole taste of caviar, you should have small bites and not chew the fine eggs but roll it around the mouth and let the intense flavor of ocean explode in your mouth.

Also keep in mind caviar can not be cooked but could be used on cooked dishes such as pasta, risotto or sushi etc. We would not recommend to add lemon or to add any seasoning to caviar because it will ruin the salty unique taste of the fine creamy eggs of caviar.

  • Beluga caviar has larger eggs and a beautiful grey color
  • It is the most popular caviar among gourmet cuisine chefs
  • Serve caviar cold with a non-metallic spoon
  • Caviar is the best choice as appetizer or a luxurious touch for your main course
  • Add nothing to caviar to enjoy the pure salty taste of ocean
  • Do not chew the fine eggs but roll it around the mouth
  • Keep in the refrigerator
  • Could be delivered in any standard can size

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