Imperial Beluga Caviar


Imperial Beluga Caviar

Beluga caviar, is categorized based on size and color of the eggs in order to specify the characteristic of the caviar for the buyer. Mainly the bigger dark grey eggs are royal beluga caviar, while imperial caviar has a lighter color and is rarer.

imperial beluga caviar

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So there are different types of sturgeon caviar in different sized cans in order to target everyone’s taste. This tasty nutrition could be found in top hotels and restaurants, but it is also counted as a delight for special occasions at home.

Benefits of Caviar

Not only caviar is the ultimate luxury in gourmet food but its fine creamy taste is full of vitamins. It contains vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and vitamin A and is the source of minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and protein. So this luxurious nutrition boosts your immune system and mental health which is an important factor these days.

Serving Caviar

To bring out the favored flavor of best known beluga, serve it on a bed of ice and on crackers or anything that suits your taste. As you know caviar is served by the best known chefs, restaurants and hotels around the world, the main reason is the unique taste along with numerous health factors these beautiful roes of the rare beluga sturgeon have.

There are some points to know about this delicacy. No matter how you prefer to eat caviar pay attention that caviar requires refrigerator degree between -1 to 4 C in order not to perish the unique taste of it. Once you opened the caviar can try to eat it every day to benefit the fresh taste of caviar but if you don’t want to use it every day, by sealing it in a plastic wrap you’ll be reducing the effects of oxidation – which is no good for caviar.

As caviar could be eaten with boiled egg, crackers, pasta, butter etc. but we would advise, do not add any seasoning to this salty beautiful beluga roes.


Eating every day caviar is an excellent health and mind boost which could be served in many different ways. Because of the rareness and long harvesting time, caviar is counted as the most luxurious food but on the other hand considering the various types and plenty of benefits it brings to everyone’s body, you can find your favorite and affordable caviar. As it is obvious, for the health of your body and mind it always worth to spend money on.

  • Best kind of caviar is beluga caviar
  • Imperial caviar has the egg size over 3.2
  • Caviar has a fine creamy taste which is full of vitamins
  • It contains vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin D, Omega 3 etc.
  • Serve caviar on a bed of ice
  • Refrigerator degree between -1 to 4 C is needed to keep caviar
  • Do not add any seasoning to the fine eggs of beluga caviar
  • Best option for a healthy bodiry and unique taste

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