Osetra for export – import Osetra caviar from iran- good price and quality

Osetra for export – import Osetra caviar from iran- good price and quality

Osetra Caviar is the name of this product . There are many different types of caviar. They vary in availability, price and flavor. Each has a unique color and taste. From buttery to nutty, you can find what you are looking for.

Osetra caviar, also known as osetra caviar, is known to be one of the finer caviars on the planet and some believe it to be the best caviar in the world. Osetra varies in color from golden to brown and is known for being paired with pasta, poultry and/or seafood.

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The taste of caviar depends on the type of sturgeon producing it, where they live and other environmental and genetic factors. Is it Iranian Osetra Caviar or arise from a Siberian sturgeon? Such factors play a huge role in the flavor and texture of caviar. Caviar can range from green, ginger, to brown and silver. This affordable delicacy is mostly described as having a buttery or nutty flavor. Some caviar can even be fruity and others creamy.

Osetra originally found in the Caspian Sea, and is one of the three key species of sturgeon fish from which one of the best caviar is traditionally harvested. It is also one of the most valued and admired types of caviar, along with Beluga and Sevruga caviar.

Generally, when attempting to describe the flavors of caviar, using words such as salty, briny, or salt-cured fishy simply does not do the delicacy justice. Osetra Caviar is said to have the most variety in terms of flavor, size, and color, as the taste of the eggs depends heavily on the environment in which the fish feeds, and this is one of the main reasons that we are proud and have self-confidence about our products in Iran, Osetra is known for having a nutty, almost creamy walnut taste, and a pleasing burst that shares the bold flavors of the sea. The eggs usually range in color from black to dark brown with flecks of gold or even white on rare occasions. While Osetra caviar comes in two grades depending on uniformity, size, color, clarity, tenderness, and fragrance.

Caviar is the perfect way to add a dash of luxury to a romantic dinner you might be preparing for your partner, or for impressing guests with an exciting gourmet option on your charcuterie board. Though caviar is often eaten raw as an appetizer along with eggs, minced onion, and bread with butter, you can also include caviar in cooked dishes such as pasta or baked potatoes. Many find caviar is the perfect addition to blini (miniature Russian pancakes) then topped with creme fraiche.

The first step to serve caviar is to find an Osetra caviar that suits your needs. Caviar is often sold in 50-gram tins, which sufficient for two to three people if served alone. If you are serving caviar with other foods, please consider presenting less, perhaps only a few grams per person depending on the complementing foods. You will also want to be careful about timing. Caviar is best served fresh, so make sure to obtain your caviar not more than three to four days before the expected presentation.

When you are ready to share, make sure the caviar is presented chilled, in a small glass bowl and on a bed of ice to preserve freshness. Be sure to use a mother of pearl, bone, plastic, or wooden utensils when manipulating the caviar, as well. Metal, including silver or golden spoons, are known for interfering with the delicate flavor profiles of the caviar.

you should know that eating like a Russian oligarch does not mean you have to spend like a tzar! We do our best to deliver top quality, flavorful caviars at affordable prices. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality caviar directly from our farms to your table at a fraction of typical cost.

Osetra Royal is a fantastic Acipencer Gueldenstaedtti farmed in our plant. It has a stronger, nuttier taste, and has an oilier, silkier texture that just melts in your mouth. It is more recognizable due to its large grains and golden /brownish or gray color.

Osetra (Oscietra or Asetra) caviar comes from the Osetra sturgeon (Acipenser persicus or Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, weighing 25-150 kg and living up to 50 years. Osetra caviar ranges from warm brown to green-gray in color, to dark blue to jet black or even yellow. Osetra caviar is said to have a nutty flavour and so is prized as an elite caviar.

The Ossetra sturgeon is much smaller than the Beluga sturgeon (Huso huso). As caviar, it is of firmer texture than the more delicate Beluga caviar.

Considered by many the golden child of the sturgeon family, Osetra caviars are by far the most popular and sought-after varieties of Caspian (Iran) caviars. Typically, its size and price are somewhere is between Beluga and Sevruga. The world’s finest Osetra caviar is found in the Caspian Sea. Osetra is produced in Iran & Russia.

Malossol (lightly salted) Osetra is the finest, and the most expensive.

Experts say that the variations in taste occur because the Osetra is a bottom feeder. Thus, its eggs acquire the flavor of what the fish eats. With eggs that come in different colors, Osetra caviar is a famous elite caviar.

Iran Osetra Caviar is packed into glass jars per 50 g or your demand, each and has medium-size grains. It has a unique clean, crisp, “nutty” flavor and varies in color from golden yellow to dark brown. Many consider it the best tasting sturgeon caviar of all.

Osetra for export - import Osetra caviar from iran- good price and quality

A good caviar begins with the eye feasting on its gorgeous presentation. The hypnotizing sheen alone is enough to make you drool. But, of course, you compose yourself as you hold your mother of pearl spoon.

You resist the temptation to churn everything at once in an uncontrolled gluttonous frenzy. You hold back. As you hold your special spoon, you think intently of savoring the taste. You start to imagine the sea, and you can already taste it.

Then you stick you’re spoon to the caviar. Realizing its worth, you hesitate. Then you only take half a spoon full and put it in your mouth. You then chew gently, not maniacally. You feel each pearl pop in your mouth. Each pearl is releasing the summary of the goodness of the sea.

The taste of brine is there; it’s just enough saltiness. As the caviar pops in your mouth, you are transported in the middle of the sea. You are floating amidst the ocean while the sun kisses your skin. You can taste the delicious flavor of the fish.

The umami is there, and you can taste the rich minerals too. As you swallow it, the caviar flows in your throat giving it a delectable finish. Then you sip your champagne. You are not full, but you are satisfied. Yes, it’s worth it.


Caviars are not all alike. Yes, they belong in the same family, but each has a different unique characteristic that separates them from the other.


The beluga sturgeon is the rarest type in the beluga family, and its population is near extinction. The beluga sturgeon takes about 20 years to reach its maturity and be ready for harvest. Because of its rarity and the amount of time it takes to be harvested, very little is produced annually.

This rarity has driven its price up, and it truly deserves the title “black gold.” This is something you won’t munch it! It’s price easily ranges from 10 to 12 grand! It is famed not only for its bursting flavor but also for its exotic rare value and the amount of effort it requires from rea ring to harvest.


Osetra sturgeon fish takes fewer years before harvest compared with its cousin Beluga. It only takes them around seven years to reach maturity.

Their eggs are golden brown in color and is a little smaller than the Beluga caviar. Compared with the other caviars, they have the firmest texture among them all.


Sevruga or commonly known as star sturgeon is another known caviar of choice. Their eggs are tiny and light in color. It takes roughly seven years before they mature into harvest. Given this shorter time for harvest, Sevruga caviar is one of the most plentiful types of caviar you can avail on the market.


The female Sterlet Sturgeon can mature as early as five years. Their eggs are characteristically grayish and tiny.


The least expensive of the list of caviar perhaps is the Pacific North American Caviar from the Pacific sturgeon fish. They are the smallest sturgeon species and mature and is ready for harvest around ten years.


The cost of caviar varies according to their species. The beluga sturgeon is a prized fish that yields caviar costing up to seventeen thousand dollars per pound! We are just talking about the beluga sturgeon. The rare albino beluga, or known as Almas Beluga which lives a century costs 17 grand a pound!

A thirty-gram tin can cost around $75 at the farm. The retail can climb to 400% in restaurants! That is just the beginning of it. Beluga caviar can be bought at around $350 per tin!

Caviar is a truly exquisite delicacy. Its reputation even separates it from the other fishes. Only the sturgeon family upholds the name caviar. The other fishes have their eggs too, but they are not deemed worthy to be lined-up with caviar.

The farming caviar is like making a delicate wine. It takes years and extraordinary effort in years to ensure that the harvest would be of top-notch quality.

Every species has their set unique set of characteristics, and not all of them are abundant. This insanely drives the price of caviar high! The rarer the species, the higher the price goes.

Caviar can be intimidating, but I hope you have learned a thing or two. Leave a question below if more questions popped in your mind. Don’t hesitate to share this page if you find it useful!

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