What is caviar

Caviar is salted roe only from sturgeon fishes that approximately can find in all northern side of Earth , but most famous breads of them are in Caspian Sea & Black Sea .

These breads are Beluga with the bigger and delicious eggs , Asetra , Sevroga ,Sterliat ,… that mainly are in Caspian Sea .








Sturgeon Fish

These fishes are one of the most ancient creatures that still leaving on earth such as sharks and crocodiles .

In some ideas they are more than 200 million years that are citizens of the earth , the most famous and biggest of them , I mean Beluga is going to live more than 100 years maybe up to 150 and during that will grow up to 6 m long and about 1.5 ton , the most famous and delicious caviar is also from this fish .

Produce of Caviar

During these recent years because of many reasons such as too much fishing , pollution of waters , … the population of these old citizens decrease dangerously . that’s why today lowly trading of savage breads are forbidden and the countries from years ago start to grew them in farms.

The maturity of different breads are not the same and normally it is a long time work as for example beluga is going to mature enough for caviar about 11 to 12 years more or less according to different circumstances .

According to control lack of the savage fishes and also surveying the growth and trading caviar and meat normally all farms should be signed up and deliver a specific code from cites organization .

When the fish become mature enough , during the last months will check frequently in order to tack out caviar in its best time .

As the time arrived the fish will send to special clean saloon , the caviar are going to remove and washed and the salted even with pure salt or combined . then it will pack normally in 1 to 2 kilo tins and a sample goes to laboratory for the necessity tests to ensure the health and quality of the product .

After that caviar is ready even to be repack in smaller tins or used in its original 1 kilo packs .





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