Shrimp suppliers

Shrimp suppliers

Vannamei Shrimp :

Vannamei shrimp is the most popular shrimp that is also called White leg shrimp that is famous worldwide Shrimp suppliers . It can grow up to 230 millimeters and is one of the largest shrimps you can find it in ocean and of course in farms. Shrimp suppliers ,


Iran Vannamei or Whiteleg shrimp farming, price and export

Vannamei shrimp mostly farmed in eastern Asian countries but now a days it is also farmed in Iran with good quality in farms that mostly are in south of this country beside Persian golf.

This species todays is farmed in most of countries as you know almost half of the shrimp that consumed by people is come from the farms .Shrimp suppliers

Shrimp health :

As other farm products it is important that how the farm produce and grow the shrimp , you should be sure that the product is free from diseases , bacterial and chemical contaminations and our product in Iran have all the tests and certificates that ensure the health of the shrimp . Shrimp suppliers

Production :

Usually the process plants are close to the farms and I means in a short of time the shrimps delivered to the plants for sorting and washing and will keep in ice to be packed according to the standard export size , then are going to frozen quickly and stored .Shrimp suppliers

the best size of export is 40-50 & 50-60 that it means you can find in each pack 40 to 50 shrimps . the colour of shrimps is from white to green that is coded from A1 ….A5 and each of them are favorited in different countries .

Benefaction of shrimps :

Shrimps are good source of protein with low calorie and sufficient amount of Omega 3 ,EPA and  DHA and very low carbo , it’s a good source of Vitamins B12,B3,B6,A and also minerals such as cu ,

And of course have sufficient amount of Se that is a good antioxidants to prevent cancer ,…

Besides shrimps are very delicious food that are going to be ready easy and fast and it means they are appropriate with todays human life style .Shrimp suppliers

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