Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian sea

Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian sea

What is Beluga caviar  

Beluga Caviar is salted roe only from sturgeon fishes that approximately can find in all northern side of Earth, but most famous breads of them are in Caspian Sea & Black Sea.

These breads are Beluga with the bigger and delicious eggs , Asetra , Sevroga ,Sterliat ,… that mainly are in Caspian Sea .

Sturgeon Fish

These fishes are one of the most ancient creatures that still leaving on earth such as sharks and crocodiles.Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian sea

In some ideas they are more than 200 million years that are citizens of the earth, the most famous and biggest of them, I mean Beluga is going to live more than 100 years maybe up to 150 and during that will grow up to 6 m long and about 1.5 ton, the most famous and delicious caviar is also from this fish.

Production of Beluga Caviar

During these recent years because of many reasons such as too much fishing, pollution of waters, … the population of these old citizens decrease dangerously. that’s why today lowly trading of savage breads is forbidden and the countries from years ago start to grew them in farms. And that’s why Iran caviar production grows to keep Iran caviar export strong with the good investment of Iran caviar company.

The maturity of different breads is not the same and normally it is a long-time work as for example beluga is going to mature enough for caviar about 11 to 12 years more or less according to different circumstances. It is one of the costs of Iran caviar price.

According to control lack of the savage fishes and also surveying the growth and trading Beluga caviar beside other breeds and meat normally all farms should be signed up and deliver a specific code from cites organization.

When the fish become mature enough, during the last months will check frequently in order to tack out Beluga caviar in its best time.

As the time arrived the fish will send to special clean saloon, the caviar is going to remove and washed and the salted even with pure salt or combined. then it will pack normally in 1 to 2 kilo tins and a sample goes to laboratory for the necessity tests to ensure the health and quality of the product.

After that caviar is ready even to be repack in smaller tins or used in its original 1 kilo packs.

Iran caviar exporter is one of these companies that start this business a few years and with a qualified specialist try to produce significant Beluga caviar and other breeds.


Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian sea


Caviar d’Iran

Iran is one of the ancient countries, Iran caviar production and Iran caviar export is very ancient in this business such as Russia and is famous especially in beluga caviar export and the other breads Asetra, Sevroga, Bearii, Sterliat ….

Iran caviar is an old brand and Iran caviar price according to its characteristic is expensive but considerable.

According to specific geographical situation and climate and water sources makes Iran caviar one of the unique and significant taste of caviar you can find in the world.

Beluga Caviar different uses and benefits

Iran Caviar is a delicious food full of minerals and vitamins that can use in any main course alone or beside the main meal, it’s a good and healthy breakfast, desert, … and now a days is used in Michelin restaurants, … ships and any luxury places and even on your table for a healthy breakfast. Iran caviar price make it a logic choice between health care sources.


Beluga Caviar includes

Iran Caviar is a great source of Vitamins, Minerals, Omega 3 and antioxidant, caviar consist of full B12 Vitamins that an adult needs in a day, and of course it’s a good source of Vitamins E-B1-B2-B6 and sufficient amount of Fe,Mg,Se,K,Zinq and also Vitamin D that is very useful to prevent depression .

This nutrition is full of Vitamin A that helps to renew injuries of skin and keep it wet, and help blood circulation and with antioxidants improve immune system against cancer, therefore caviar is the strongest antioxidant nutrition in the world.

When you consider the cost of chemical medicine with Iran caviar price it will goes to one of your favorite options.


Beluga Caviar and health

Caviar increase immune system and is good to prevent heart attack and cancer, caviar reconstruct hemoglobin, hemoglobin is part of blood that helps to transfer oxygen through whole body and increase this material in blood flow that’s why is recommended for patients who are going through chemo therapy or had a surgery.

It is also good for women during pregnancy and in growing ages of children.

Iran caviar production and Iran caviar export actually give the world a chance to take care of people health.


Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian sea



Caviar and Beauty  

Beluga caviar from Iran is a natural source that really fantastic in skin care and for firming because of it is antioxidants keep skin enough wet and oxygenated to be always fresh and young. caviar take a good care of skin from harmful radiation of sun such as UVA, UVB and prevent destroying of collision and elasticity of skin, it is not only bringing you young full I t is also gifting happiness.

Today’s many of superstars use caviar as a mask for their face to keep it beautiful and shine.

Iran caviar production and beluga caviar export is a key for fashion business to use this natural source in their productions

And is one of Iran caviar exporter tasks.


Caviar and Sport

Caviar is a good friend of athletes. Athletes continuingly looking for ways that with a healthy diet get best results , and ca Caviar with its natural and rich includes is one of the solutions .caviar has enough iron and as we know iron prevents from anemia and it’s also magic for muscle recovery and sport injuries , for example in NBA caviar find its place and is going to be a life style . Iran caviar price in according to the other supplementary is very logical and reasonable and Iran caviar exporter try to have his part in this business.

Caviar and Disease  

As we mentioned before because of its contents Minerals, Vitamins and antioxidants it’s a natural medicine for heart diseases, chemo therapy for cancer, injuries of sports or surgeries for skin, its good against stress and migraine and depression, …

Iran caviar production and Iran caviar export can have efficient roll to help controlling diseases.


Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian sea

Specification of our Beluga caviar

Beluga Caviar Taste

In our idea taste is the most important thing that you must consider when you decide to buy Iran caviar , of course it doesn’t mean the other factors are not important but in our opinion are less considerable , taste of caviar should remind you the old fashion taste of wild caviar originally from Caspian sea , todays you can find many sturgeon farms distributed all around the world but we believe that we produce closest taste caviar in Iran because of the fish diet and water specification that we have here in Iran, that’s why Iran caviar price is a little more than the other caviar. that is the difference of Iran caviar production and Iran caviar export and is the important reason of Caviar d’Iran is still famous.

In beginning you must feel the original taste and second it must keep long in your mouth.


Color also is important when you want to choose a caviar, color is different in different species and it has a variety from bright to dark.

For example, Beluga caviar mostly is grey but it is from dark grey to the light one that is more costable from the dark one.

Assetra is dark brown to brightest as it famous to golden caviar that is very rare and its expensive.

Sevroga color goes to black and of course you can find difference from dark to light in this breed too.

Bearee caviar is also similar to Sevroga in color of course not in taste, and sometimes it is going to dark brown.


Beluga Caviar Size

Size is another character that is important in choosing caviar, the biggest eggs belong to Beluga and sometimes it is over 3.4 mm that is also called Royal Beluga. the other breeds are almost below 3 mm and smaller than beluga.

Beluga Caviar different taste, flavor, price of Iran caviar production from Caspian sea

At the end caviar of Iran caviar exporter is originally from our farm located Mazandaran, Iran and it is possible for us to provide you Beluga caviar from Iran in all varieties mentioned above to help you find your exact demand caviar.

Iran caviar export

The original taste and flavor and of course quality of Iran caviar production makes the Beluga caviar from Iran one of the best brands in the world and famous in beluga caviar export business.

Iran Caviar Price

Price always important when you want to choose, but when you want to buy caviar beside the cost there are other important factors you should consider. For example, there are farms around the world for producing Beluga caviar but Beluga caviar from Iran because of significant geographical elements is really give special experience and this also shows the importance of Iran caviar production and Iran caviar export and of course the logic behind Iran caviar price.


Iran Caviar Production

Iran caviar export is an old business in a way that in the world name caviar is attached to the name of Iran but Iran farmed caviar is not very old, but the time that we start production because of the natural sources and plenty of specialists that we have in Iran caviar company grows very fast and qualified and try to continue the good reputation of beluga caviar from Iran and beluga caviar export and in accordance to the variety of breeds in Iran caviar export and this make Iran exporter caviar Co. to be proud an confidante to give good services to the world.

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